Aims, Mission and Values


  • We are a children’s play, recreation and activity provider working to create conditions for all-inclusive free play for kids in Bristol and beyond.
  • We aim to deliver supportive environments and workshops for children and young people creative problem solving, sense of self worth, co-operative learning, resilience, risk taking, social skills
  • We provide stimulating, challenging, exciting and educational experiences for children in a safe open space where children feel valued and supported.
  • Children and young people are actively encouraged to express themselves by exploring, experimenting and discovering both as individuals and as a group.


  • To enhance the lives of children and young people through the provision of open access freely chosen play opportunities and quality activities.
  • To inspire positive change, creativity, community cohesion and aspiration.
  • We strive to facilitate an open, supportive, social environment where children and young people are encouraged to take ownership of the play space and decision making to create an inclusive, egalitarian play space for all.
  • To welcome all children, advocating for social inclusion and that regardless of disadvantage through social, economic, cultural, religious beliefs, disability or special needs, we ensure that opportunities are open to all.
  • Participation and a can- do approach is key. Delivering hands-on opportunities and the sharing of knowledge is central to our play community.
  • Creating a climate for children to participate in activities in a variety of concerns: ecology, recycling and sustainability, life skills, bicycle maintenance, art, design, craft, making, invention and cooking. We strive to provide tangible opportunities that empower individuals, nurture long-term future possibilities, individual sets of knowledge and self-belief.
  • To enable young people to see a future that offers them a safe place to express themselves freely and to achieve their full potential with respect for themselves and their environment to develop an understanding of how to love the planet and keep it on course for the future.
  • To foster community cohesion amongst children and their families enabling resilience, cooperation, trust and self-worth.


  • Children’s Health and Welfare
  • Cooperation
  • Inclusion
  • Equality
  • Child led participation
  • Community Cohesion
  • Social benefit and enrichment
  • Art, Craft and making
  • Creativity
  • Experiential learning
  • Participation and self determination
  • Ecology, environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Development